Monday, 14 October 2013

No Run, No Fun

Hi Folks,

I know it's been a while since I've posted, it's also been a while since I went for a run. I've been busy with the dancing and also reffing rugby match's. it just so happens that last week I was practicing for the Strictly Come Dancing on Tue, Thur and Sunday, while I've reffed a match on each of the last two Saturdays. I'm also coming to the end of the classroom part of my one year Higher Diploma course, which means that assignments are due, and exams are only a week away.

I do realise that all of the above is just one big excuse. I know there are people with busier lives than mine, who are out running every day. I'm also guessing that I'm not the only who makes excuses this time of year, and I suppose the question is just how am I going to deal with it? The last time I went training, I really struggled and felt I'd gone backwards. I think I need to start afresh with the same attitude I had in the Summer. I need to set myself a target and start working towards that. Other than trying to improve my times for 5k's or 10k's, I'm not sure what to aim for. Any Ideas? The chances of getting to training tonight are slim, as I'm back on the dance floor again this evening. Thursday might be a possibility, but I'm going to have to do something, maybe tomorrow evening, or else it'll be two whole weeks without a run, and I didn't buy a decent pair of runners just to use as a home for spiders with blocked noses!

I'm sure by now, all the Marathon hopefuls are winding down their training and starting to get extra cautious as they run over bumpy ground. I'm really looking forward to going to the Marathon this year. Hugo is of course competing, as well as a whole bunch from the Harriers. I've yet to work out what parts of the course I'll be of most use to the runners as I offer my bit of encouragement, once again, I'd love to get any of your suggestions.

Anyway, Thanks for checking back on the blog, I'm thinking of posting once weekly from now on, probably after a weekend run, so until next time, Slán.


  1. Hi Ciaran, you are keeping busy alright!! but you are correct - you need to pick a race for example this side of xmas, and plan and plot your training. everyone will agree that without a focus race, training isnt the same. I will have a look at some races....... you are not getting away after all the good work during the summer!!!

  2. Your last run may have been tough as your body way of asking for a rest...alot of life change bound to have a physical demand on resources. So the rest could be warranted, two weeks is plenty tho so no more excuses after Thursday! Also you might find now that you're adjusted to the lifestyle and new routine is bedded down coupled with the rest, your next run could be great and leave you with a renewed enthusiasm to sign up for this years Santa dash. Worth taking from this to always remember the rest is as important as training��

  3.'ll be finished the dancing now in the next 2 weeks and rumour has it you’re going to be busy over the Christmas as well playing baby Jesus in the O’Connor square crib…anyway before Santa arrives you can do a full months training with me in November and we’ll do the Waterford half marathon on Sunday 1st Dec and then we’ll be back in town later that day for the start of the Xmas festive shenanigans…

    I have kept doing the running on Tue and Thur in the harriers but haven’t been out on a weekend run in 3 weeks I think….going to change that this weekend…leaving harriers at 8 on Sat morning if interested…ps..Please make sure to bring your running shoes and not you’re dancing ones….