Friday, 25 October 2013

The big build up

There was a great atmosphere at training last night. The Dublin Marathon is on Monday, and at the last count, Tullamore Harriers have 28 competitors running. That's not to mention all the supporters that will be in attendance. As a result, last nights training was only a leg loosener- 4 miles around the town, with instructions to remember the rules of the road, stay on the footpath, and run no more than 2 abreast.  As I said, the spirits were high, and the everybody seemed to be talking about the marathon, their hopes, tactics, where to park, what time to get there, etc. You could nearly spot the first timers from the experienced runners, with the worries and hopes of each group being slightly different. The one thing all the experienced runners were saying is that The Dublin Marathon got a name of being Europes' friendliest Marathon for a reason, there is always great support on the route.

Having set yourself the goal of running the Dublin Marathon, whether it's your 1st or 40th, and whether you've a time in mind or not, it's obvious that this weekend will be special. The anticipation is often better than the event, but I'm sure the event itself, and the feeling afterwards will be something to be remembered.  The very best of luck to all the competitors, the work has been done now, it's time to make sure no last minute dietary changes, or ill advised exercise routines can mess it up. I hope you all get what you're looking for, out of the race, and that the tough parts wont be too tough, and the good parts better than you could have dreamed.

With regards to my own running status, while it was a small run for the others, I found last nights session medium to high in terms of work rate needed. I forgot to set my watch, so I've no idea of what pace we were running. It was interesting to see the effect of three weeks without a run. I've definitely lost fitness, as you'd expect, but then I haven't gone back altogether. It was still a four mile route, which I wouldn't have dreamed about at the start of last summer, and I was chatting all the way around.  I ran with Bubbles the whole way, and really enjoyed the conversation and the slagging. I think Bubbles is a bit concerned about me. He rang me to go for a run last weekend, as he noticed I hadn't been around the club for a while. It had been my intention to go, but then I realised I had to be in Edenderry for a rugby match  at 10:30am, so I had to pass on yet another run. Then as I was pulling on my socks to go training last night, he rings again, just to make sure I'd be going. He's certainly not letting me slip out of the routine we'd built up over the summer.

The reason for all my absences of late can be pinned down to the dancing. Training for that has really stepped up now, as the big night is on Sunday. There are 14 couples dancing, and on Tuesday we had to dance in front of one another for the first time. There are some great routines, and some routines that need some work before Sunday, but I'd say it'll be some laugh.  The music is brilliant, and there is plenty of lifts going on, which is always good entertainment. There are a few parts, which you just know will get a huge cheer from the audience. The voting is split 50/50 with the judges and the audience, so if any of you are going please give Jill and myself a vote. I've still got some tickets to sell if anybody is interested in going, just give me a shout. They're €20  each, and the event is on Sunday night, in the Tullamore Court Hotel, starting at 8pm.

That's a lot of writing for a small bit of running, but before I sign off, I'd like once more to wish everybody running on Monday, the best of luck. Especially, my big brother with less hair than me, Hugo. Until next time, Slán.

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