Saturday, 16 November 2013

Eight Women and Two Men

I'm trying to be a little more creative with my post titles, as you never know what people are searching for on the web.  This morning Eight Women and Two Men (Bubbles and myself) went for a ten mile run. I was a bit worried if I was taking on too much in ten miles, but I knew the route and if I wasn't feeling well, I could bale out at different spots.  We ran Long Ross with Lynally thrown in, and I was happy enough to come home in 1hr, 43 min and 46 seconds.

Running in a group is definitely the way to go. I've said it here many times, how easy it is to stay at home when you're planning a run on your own, but that it's more difficult when others may be waiting for you to turn up, before they head off. I certainly wouldn't have got out of bed this morning only for that fact.  The other big plus of running in a group is that you'll push or pull each other on.  There were times on this morning run when I was going through a tough stretch, and on my own, I would have slowed down or stopped. However as we were chasing a pack ahead of us, I didn't want to fall too far behind, and so I just ran through it.  Then when I was feeling a bit better, Ray and myself caught up with the girls. This was around the seven mile stage.

One of the interesting topics that came up on this mornings run was Rays' musings on how difficult it can be to get the running watches working properly, and getting to understand which buttons to press, to get it set up right. He claimed the watch was a bit like a woman in that regard, but once you got the hang of it, and the worked out which buttons to press, (or not press!) great fun was to be had!

Anyway thanks to the two Marys', Hillary, Sharon, Josie, Miriam, Trish, Dorothy and Bubbles, for the company this morning. until next time, Slán.

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