Sunday, 10 November 2013

Back at it!

It's been a while, I know. I felt it this morning when I ran 7 miles with Bubbles. In fact. I'm still feeling it now, especially between my legs, as I forgot to put on the Vaseline before the run. I started an Internship in Dublin two weeks ago as part of my College course. The office hours are 9 - 5:30, which means I have to get the 6:50am train in the morning, and I do well, to get the 6:15pm train home in the evening. This means early nights and early mornings, which doesn't exactly fit in with training at the moment. I'm trying to come up with a solution, and the weekend run, seems to be an obvious target. I've been reffing rugby matches most weekends, which rules me out of the long run on that day, and somehow, I've always found an excuse for the other day of the weekend. So a big thanks is due to Bubbles for getting me out this morning. In fairness, Ray has been ringing me regularly, to find out where I've disappeared to, and encouraging me to get back running. I had great intentions of going for a run today, but in all honesty, if Ray hadn't texted me last night, I probably wouldn't have gone.

What I found this morning when I did go, was a welcome as warm as ever. There were about 15 runners heading off at 8:30am, but Bubbles stuck with me, as I was going at a slower pace. We ran Short Ross(7 Miles) in a time of 1hr and 13 min, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. We chatted the whole way around, me for the first half, and then Ray for the second half. We were joined by Adrian Martin(Club Captain) for the last mile, as he was coming back from a longer run, and just happened to meet us at that part of the route. So Adrian took up the conversation from that point until we finished. After we'd finished, Ray told Adrian that he'd gone for a ten mile run with the girls yesterday. Adrian seemed impressed and asked who else was in the group. After Ray had named some of the runners, Adrian exclaimed that they were a lovely group to go running with, and that their progress had been very good over the last year or so. He then asked with a bit of a frown, if they still chatted so much? I found this quite amusing considering, Adrian hadn't shut up since we met him on the run home! When I pointed this out to him, he laughed with his usual good humour and just shrugged his shoulders.

There's a table quiz on Wed night as a fundraiser for the Harriers. There were 40 teams at it last year, and Bubbles and myself are going to be part of a team this year. It's on in the Court Hotel at 8pm, and the cost is €40 per table of four, of course everybody is welcome and the more the merrier. Another member of our team is Billy Delaney, a clever lad with an insane general knowledge, so I'm hoping for once that I might finish at the head of the field, in a Harriers run competition!

As it's been a while since I was on the blog, so I looked over some stats since I've last written. Obviously numbers have dropped off, due to the lack of fresh content, but I found it amazing to see that my post entitled "In The Kingdom of Kerry" has attracted a large audience. The average page views per post is around the 120 mark, with the first two and the Half Marathon post reaching 400. I can only imagine what disappointment, web surfers must have had when they clicked on the post "In The Kingdom Of Kerry" as I doubt all 996 page views came from people interested in a running blog.

Anyway, It's good to be back, and thanks for reading. until next time, Slán.

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