Thursday, 5 September 2013

Back To Reality

Cross Country training is in full swing, as we went back to the same field in Charleville to run those hills again.  This time however we ran around the field twice, before taking a 2 minute rest, and then doing the same again, we did this three times. One lap of the field is around 1 km, depending on how much you cut the corners.  I found myself very tired yesterday evening, and struggled to get into the rhythm. Ray was also struggling, despite the fact that he missed the first 2 laps. Of course when I admitted to Ray that I was finding the session particularly tough, even though the distance and pace shouldn't have been too difficult, he exclaimed "Sure, the day after, the day after of the Wedding is always tough!" That got a good laugh, but at least I knew some of the others are reading the blog!

Just for the record, I ran the first leg in 11:15, the next in 10:50 and the last in 11:25. I'm not sure how much these times tell the story though, as I probably took a tighter line on the second run.  Also, just to let you know, I'm using this blog as a training diary as well, so while you mightn't be too interested in the split times, they do serve a purpose, in terms of when I look back to see what my previous times have been for a certain training session or race.

Bubbles last post and chorus, is up on his blog Typically he finishes strong, and gives a good account of the race day, and thanks everybody necessary for helping us through our original challenge. I'd like to echo those thanks here, and second everything Ray has said. I'd also like to thank Ray, for his good humour and consistent training, as it was always good coming to training, knowing he wouldn't let you down.

The Gowran 8, is on Sunday morning, check in at 8.30am, leaving at 9am from the Harriers. That's our next race. I'm hoping to challenge myself  more than last week, and run a faster pace per mile, while Bubbles is going to run a slower pace than last week, and try and enjoy this run a bit more, so with a bit of luck we'll run this one together, with me struggling, and Ray telling the jokes. Until then Slán.

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