Thursday, 12 September 2013

Running in the Wet

Tonight was the worst weather I've trained in so far, and I enjoyed it a lot more than I thought I would. I was driving home from College in the lashing rain around 5:30pm, and I was thinking about whether or not I'd go training. It was one of those evenings, when staying at home looked more appealing than going out for some exercise. Frank and Rory(my two Sons) were dying to go training with the juveniles, they only started last week and they're loving it. It works out well, because they train from 7pm to 8pm, which gives me time to get my training in, and have a shower before they're finished. Anyway, the fact that they wanted to go, and that I had to write this blog, I didn't really have a choice, so I put on the gear, and off we went. I had to wait for Rory to finish his homework, and as a result I arrived at 6:45pm, which was a bit late. The rest of the gang had run to Charleville, so I followed along after doing a warm up.  I ran down the avenue with Leonard and Shane, who were doing a cool down from an earlier session, before heading to the field to meet up with the others.

They were doing a session where you run for 10 min, followed by a 2 minute rest, and then repeat 3 times. When I arrived I just joined in, and when they stopped, I found out what what was on the agenda, that was their second rest, and at that stage I'd been running for 27 minutes. I then ran the last 10 minute circuit(I got in 1 and 3/4  laps), before the run back to the Harriers. I ended up running for a total of 46 minutes, not including the rest stops. Even though it was raining, it wasn't cold or windy, and I really enjoyed the run. When I got back and had a shower, I was delighted I had gone. If I'd stayed at home, I'd be feeling guilty, and I'm afraid that if I stay at home once, I'd be more likely to stay at home on the next unpleasant evening.

There wasn't as many as usual at training tonight. I think that's due to the fact that the Flatline Half Marathon in Athlone, is on Saturday, and also that a lot of the others are training for the Dublin Marathon, because, even though there was a smaller group in the field, there was still a lot of cars in the car park. That's all for tonight, so best of luck to everyone racing over the weekend, especially all in the Flatline Half Marathon. Until Sunday, Slán.


  1. Congratulations on all your accomplishments. I enjoy reading your blog all the way from the US. I myself just turned 39 and have a goal to run everyday until I turn 40 next year...yikes!
    I find motivation daily by reading blogs. It's inspiring.
    Thank you! and have a great running day!

    1. Hi Celeste, thanks for your kind note. I'm glad you enjoy reading my blog, I've enjoyed writing it. Keep up the running, and blogging and best of luck. I'm looking forward to following your progress.