Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Scoil Mhuire 5 k road race

It's been a while since I posted, but then it's been a while since I've ran. On Saturday, I went to Dublin on the morning Train with Mam and Dad. I was heading to the Career Zoo in the National Conference Centre, while Mam went visiting an Aunt, and Dad just went visiting. The Career Zoo was really good, and I met loads of interesting Companies (hopefully something will come out of it). When I was finished I met up with Dad at The Palace Bar, and had one of the best afternoons in ages. Liam Mulhearn, the owner, knows Dad from when Dad used to manage The Mountpleasent Inn. They started reminiscing about some of the old characters that used to to drink in either, or both pubs. People like Brendan Behan, Patrick Kavanagh, John B.Keane, Con Houlihan and a host of others who I'd never heard of. The stories were full of colour and wit, and of course we lost track of time. We had to dash for the Train, as Mam was waiting for us at the Station. I went to Dublin looking for a job, and I came home with an education!  I didn't have long to get showered and changed, to head out to the Court Hotel for the Midlands Rugby awards night, Sorry, I meant to say for our Wedding Anniversary celebration. Joe Schmidt gave a brilliant speech, and everyone had a great night. I believe it went on until 4am, but I was well home at that stage, having stopped off at a house party on the way.  Anyway, the point of telling you all that is, I'm offering it up as an excuse, why I didn't go for a run at the weekend.

The reason why I didn't go for a run last night is a lot more boring. I had an exam today that I wasn't quite ready for, and I just want to get in that extra bit of preparation. The exam went well, so I think I made the right decision.

After all that, I can finally get around to writing about some running. I ran in a race this evening in which my mother was also registered. That's definitely a first, and I'm happy to say I won that little duel!(I don't want to hear about the fact that Mam was only walking, I still came in ahead of her!) In fact I was quite happy with my time, 5km in 26min and 6 sec. That works out at 5:13 km's or 8:21 miles's. I found it quite tough, as I wasn't too concerned with pacing myself, and maybe I went out a little bit too fast. I just looked over my Blog, and I see that on the 2nd of July I struggled to run 3km at 8:33 pace. So I'm taking this as another sign of improvement.

The Neville Ten is on Sunday, and that will make it 4 road races in 4 weeks. I'll also be training tomorrow night, cross country I presume. So I think I'll be able to make for that little blip this week. Until Tomorrow, Slán.

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