Thursday, 4 July 2013

Getting in the Groove

I think I've found the pace that suits me. It's not very fast, but I'm able to keep running for 1 hour, and tonight for the first time, I was able to answer questions even after the half way stage. We ran 6 miles tonight in a time of 61 min, and I was quite comfortable for the first 5 miles. I could have finished in comfort, and probably would have if I was on my own, but John and Ray upped the pace and I stuck with them to finish breathless, but finish none the less.

I'm really looking forward to the Mountbolus 10k on Sun. John advised us that it's a great training run, but not a great one to get a Personal Best. I'm pretty sure I'll get a PB though, especially considering I've never run a 10k race before.

I'm heading off now to do a bit of truck driving, as I'm on holidays from College for two weeks. I'll be away tonight, and all day Sat, but I will be here for the race on Sun.  I'm not sure what hours I'll be driving next week, or whether I'll be staying away overnight. I'm hoping to be back for the regular training sessions, but if I miss them I do intend to run on my own for 70 min on Tue and Thur.  We're also going to be on Midlands 103 again next Tue morning, to give a progress report. I'll probably have to contribute by phone, so that might limit the opportunities to slag Ray, or vice versa.

The next entry I make will be after the Race on Sun, so until then Slán.

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