Friday, 19 July 2013

The Ring of Kerry could put you in a Hoop!

The running is still on schedule even if the writing had fallen a bit behind. My brother and myself went for a 5 km run on Wed, it took me 30 min, and Hugo went on and ran a further 3km. You might have noticed that I'm now measuring the distances in km instead of miles, this is due to the fact that I'm fitting in with Hugo's plans and that's all based on km's.

Yesterday we had another crack at the 12km route, and I ran it more sensibly, we started off slower, and I finished it without stopping. We ran it 6 min faster than Tue, and I stopped the watch when we stopped on Tue, so I was quite happy overall.

The holiday is going well, loads of cycling, swimming, surfing and paddle boating. I'm in Dingle at the moment( Dick Mack's pub to be precise). And we stopped just before Connor Pass to climb halfway up a mountain to look at a spectacular lake! There's an easy way to have a holiday and then there's this way. Don't get me wrong I'm thoroughly enjoying it, and the weather is glorious, but I'll need another holiday when I get home.

The next run I do will be on Sun morning with John and the crew in the Harriers. John and Ray have been in touch to see how I'm getting on. Much and all as I've found the training hard this week, I think I'd have found it tougher to tell the lads I hadn't been running. Anyway I'm proud to returning in better shape than I left(I hope). Picture to follow, so until Sunday, Slán.

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