Thursday, 25 July 2013

Speed Session

I'm like a big kid, every time I write or say "Session", I think of a drinking session and dream ( just like Homer Simpson).  Of course a session means an entirely different thing in the Harriers. John had decided, that we'd take a break from the long runs tonight and do something different. We ran 3/4 of a mile, took a minute and half rest, before doing it again. We repeated the cycle 6 times. By the time we had finished, the average pace per mile was 8.25, up considerably from what we'd being doing before.

I ran the first leg in 6 min even, and thought that was quite fast, and I'd have to watch it or I'd struggle to complete the 6. The next leg was faster in a time of 5.52, then 5.48 and then the big one, 5.40. It's easy to attribute the fast pace on this one, Mary Daly ran the last half of it with us, and of course I wanted to impress, and hence I picked up the pace. I struggled on the last two putting in a great deal of effort to run in 5.48 and then 5.43 for the last one. I was starting to wretch with 100m to go, and when I finished, I needed the support of a tree to expel some unwanted bile, that just wouldn't stay down.  It's been while since I've put so much into a training session, but now that it's over I'm gald I did. I've improved hugely after every workout so far, and I've no reason to believe the results from tonight will be any different.

It's getting close to the big day now, and the excitement is building in the club. I'm really looking forward to it, and I hear that here have been people registering for the race from all over the country. If you haven't registered yet, what are you waiting for? log on to and sign up now! The race is on Saturday the 31st Aug 2013 at 12 O Clock. There is a big car park, with excellent changing room and shower facilities, chip timing, free t-shirt for all finishers, as well as water stations on the route, and of course refreshment afterwards.  There's also the option of doing it as a team of 2, splitting it into 10k each. Irish Olympian Pauline Curley will also be running, so why not try and measure yourself against the best?

Tullamore Rugby Club are having a big 7 a side tournament on Saturday evening with the Final to be played at Midnight! I'll be reffing some of the games, and I'm sure I'll be enjoying refreshments until the early hours of Sun. Therefore, I decided it might be a good idea to get my long run in on Sat morning, as the only chance I'd have of meeting John on Sun, would be if I called into the Harriers on my way from the rugby!  John is working, and Ray is still on Holidays, so it looks like it'll be a solo effort. It'll be interesting to see what the time will be for my 10 miles. I'll let you know on Sat, until then, Slán.

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