Sunday, 14 July 2013

The first Ten Miler

I got to the Harriers just before 8am, to see a bus ready for departure. For a second I thought this was another new scheme of John's. I was afraid he was going to get the bus to drop us off ten miles away, and then let us work our own way back. However, what was actually happening was a crew from the Harriers were heading to Sligo to compete in the National League round 2.

The 14 of us that were at the back gate for 8am, however, headed off on our ten mile trip, after posing for a pre-run photo. When we got to the Finger Board (about 1 mile into it) we were joined by two others. Ray seemed to like this tactic, and suggested that we try it next week with John by saying something like "We'll meet you at Mucklagh, don't bother to wait for us to start!" I wouldn't have much faith in it working, especially after posting it here on the blog.

The pace for the first 3 miles was around 10.15 per mile, which was a lot faster than I'd intended to go. The group was then split in 3 over the next few miles, with the last group consisting of me and my minder, John.  I didn't feel too bad with about 2 miles to go, and we were running at a pace slightly faster than last Sunday's 10k, and we'd run further. My breathing was also much better. Then, when we were nearly home I heard John's watch beep, signifying the 9 mile marker. I realised that we had further to go than I'd thought, and we had to run a lap of the block, and then a lap of the track to bring up the ten miles. I found that last mile quite difficult, and I haven't yet worked out if it was a mental or physical problem. Anyway, I finished the 10 miles in a time of 1hr, 44 min and 44 sec, giving an average rate of 10.28 per mile, so I'm pretty pleased with myself, although my legs are quite sore.

I'm heading off on holidays to Kerry tomorrow, for a week, and I've been in a holiday mood all weekend. I would have gone for a few pints last night, but I didn't dare risk it before the run this morning. I'm now considering an alternative treatment for my sore legs. The title of this treatment could be summed up by that great advertising slogan - "Guinness is Good for You!" I'll let you know how it works out, but I've a fair idea already. I'm looking forward to going running with my brother in Kerry, I'll post some photos over the next week, so until then, Slán.

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  1. ciaran, i have just read back on your first posting from a few weeks ago. my god, it shows how well ye are doing. "we ran for 30-40 minutes with plenty of stops"!! And just look at ye now! Honestly i hope you are both very proud of yourselves..... just so inspiring. Enjoy the hols.