Tuesday, 16 July 2013

In the Kingdom of Kerry

My family and I got down to Castlegregory yesterday evening around 5pm. It was 9pm before Hugo(my older brother) and myself got the awning set up on the caravan, and that surely deserved some holiday pints, to go with the recovery pints from Sunday. They failed to work by the way, maybe I didn't have enough!

Hugo and myself went for a run at 10am. We ran for over 80 min, but the distance was disappointing, only 12km. The route was spectacular in places, but of course that means Hills. There was also a good sea breeze blowing. When you combine these factors along with a warm sunny day, you might be able to understand why I'm a little bit like a Lobster this evening. I meant to go back and take some pictures to post on the blog, but I was wrecked all day. We went for a swim after the run and spent the rest of day playing with the kids, eating and sleeping.

I'm writing this while having a meal at the dog track in Tralee. The reception at the campsite is not great, so my next few posts might be a bit late, and the pictures mightn't appear until next week. We're going for a 5k tomorrow, I hope I don't find it as tough as today, because for a number of reasons I really struggled today. I even stopped once, and that made it more difficult to get going again. Anyway, at least I'm clocking the miles, so until the next time, Slan.

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