Tuesday, 2 July 2013

The Summer League Has Started

I may have come last, in the slow race, but it was a Personal and Season Best for me tonight.  The Harriers Summer League has started, and tonight there was two races, 3000m and 800m. Ray and myself ran the 3000, and skipped the 800. I ran a time of  16.51, which I know is no great shakes, but considering the first mile was ran in 8.33 when I couldn't run a mile in 10.33 this night two weeks ago, I'm delighted with the progress.  John didn't leave it there of course, he had the clock on from when we started the warm up, and made sure we were running right up until our race, and then he kept us running after the race, all in his best effort to keep us running for around 60 min in total.

The atmosphere was brilliant again, The races were split into ability with anyone hoping for a sub 12 minute 3000m, going first, and then the rest of us. There was a lot more women than men in the second race, and I was slagging Bubbles saying he should be wearing a skirt, but when I trailed in last he had the last laugh. There was also a bit of crack on the start line, as one of the women said they were looking forward to the next picture on the blog, I was going to tell them that the next naked picture would be a full frontal by Bubbles, but I didn't think they'd be as keen for that one! the encouragement everybody gets as they run is great to see, whether it's the leader chasing a personal best, or last place just trying to finish, you really feel part of the club on nights like these, long may it continue.

After training, Bubbles undertook an informal interview with John, Mary Daly and myself, which he's going to put up on his blog as an audio file. There was a bit of crack in that aswell, although I'll be looking forward to see what makes it through editing. Ray's blog can be followed on www.runbubbyrun.blogspot.ie  I also have to say thanks to Catch Grennan, he ran the last lap with me tonight and after training he gave me a bag of protein which should aid recovery after training. I haven't tried it yet, but he did say it might be hard to get down. Anway I'll be going for a solo run tomorrow as Ray wants to try cross training as a means of loosening up, and then on Thursday I think John has another long run in store for us. So until Tomorrow night, Slán.

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