Thursday, 11 July 2013

Oh The Guilt!

Well, as you might have guessed by the absence of a post last night, I didn't go for a Wednesday run.  I've no excuse, I was home in plenty of time and I didn't feel too tired, but I was certainly very hot. So I called my wife, and we went for two lovely, cold, early pints in Lynch's. It was only this morning as I was going to work, that I started to feel I should have gone for the run before going for the pints. I haven't felt this guilty since I ate all my Mammy's favourite biscuits and blamed it on Emmet (my younger brother).

I suppose because of that I was determined to put in an extra effort tonight, and I did. We ran 3 x 2 miles with a 2 minute rest, each time going faster. We ran the last 2 miles in 19 min. Then I went up to the rugby club to referee a tag match, which lasts for 40 min, So that brought the total time on my feet to around the 2 hour mark today. There was a good contingent training tonight in the hot weather. Jason Donegan was leading the way with his comfortable stride. He looks such a natural runner, it's a style I might try and copy.

We're going for a 10 mile run on Sun. It'll be the first time Ray and myself have ran that far, so I hope it goes OK. We're leaving at 8am, and there are a good few of the gang running as well. John will have to set up a water station every 100m for Ray. He guzzled gallons again tonight. He may give up the salty rashers for lunch I think. Until Sunday, Slán.

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