Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Running without Bubbles

It was just John and myself tonight and we ran 8 and a quarter miles with an average time of 10.25 per mile. The intention had been to run for 90 min, but I had to referee a tag rugby match at 8pm, so I needed to be back a bit earlier than originally planned. I think John was trying to inject pace the whole run, as we ran the first 3 miles at 10.15 pace. My legs were sore, and I probably ate too much too close to training, as I wasn't comfortable at any stage of the run. John was upping the pace and I was struggling to stay with him, but I wouldn't let myself ask him to slow down.  I slogged it out, and it was definitely one of those runs where you're happier when you've finished than you are at any stage during the run.

I should have mentioned last week how Denzil Jacobs, a member of the Harriers ran 10 marathons in 10 days.  It's a massive achievement especially considering the heatwave that broke over Ireland during the 10 day spell that the races were on.  I'd like to offer a big congratulations to Denzil, who was running to raise money for Saplings School for Autistic Children. You can read his story on the Tullamore Harriers facebook page, and if you want to donate he has set up a page online at www.mycharity.ie( search for "Denzil's doing it")

I'd also like to congratulate all the members of The Harriers who organised a brilliant 5k race through Charleville last Friday evening. There was a big turnout for the well laid out circuit.  The race was won by Catch Grennan and I was raging I missed it, I might have given Catch a run for his money, we'll just never know now, as the time has passed!

I'm missing running with Bubbles, I'm sure he's getting on fine on his warm weather training, I only hope the Sun is shining on Aug 31st for our Half Marathon. He's a new post up on his Blog (www.runbubbyrun.blogspot.ie) which is quite good. Can you seriously imagine getting lost in Charleville? Anyway, I'll be going for a solo run tomorrow night, so until then , Slán.

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