Thursday, 1 August 2013

A Cautious Run

I went up to the Harriers this evening, feeling like I hadn't run in ages, when if fact I'd only missed one session. I ran three laps of the track for a warm up with the two Marys, Daly and Mann(or is it Fox?), and my leg was still sore, not as sore as Saturday, but enough to make me cautious all the same.  I gave it a good stretch while I was talking to Club Captain, Adrian Martin, and a few others.  They were deciding what route they were going to run, as a lot of the members are competing in different races this weekend. There's a 10k in Daingean, a 10 mile in Kilbeggan, and then there's a 5k and 10k in Ballycumber. Ray will be back to run in Ballycumber, and I was going to run it as well, but I think I'll  give it a miss now, just to be safe. Ray seemed to get on well with his running on holidays, His dancing might have been a concern for him though, according to his blog - I'm looking forward to running with him again next week.

John had been out with Adrian Curley, marking the course for the Half Marathon, to ensure they got the distances right. The race finishes with a lap of the Tartan track, which should have a special atmosphere as the runners finish the race. I'm really looking forward to the big day now that we're in the countdown. Anyway, when John came back, I was just finished stretching, and I told him of my concerns. We went for a short run of 4 miles and didn't push it too hard. My leg was uncomfortable the whole way, especially near the end and I was quite glad we didn't run any further. I gave it another good stretch when we got back, and I'm just going to have to mind it over the next few days. At the moment( 2 hours later) the leg is not as sore as it was last Saturday, so that's a good start I suppose.

I hope to go for a long run on Sun, but that will depend on how the body feels. So until then, Slán.

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