Friday, 23 August 2013

The Last Tough One

I wouldn't say it's my last Thursday night run, but it's the last one before the half marathon. I'm going to keep running with the Harriers every Tue and Thur, and hopefully a long run at the weekend, but I've decided not to run this years Dublin City Marathon. I think it would be too much too soon. Instead, I'm going to try and get faster at 10k's and maybe think about the Cork Marathon next year.

We ran 3 x 2 miles tonight in the grounds of Charleville Castle. The fist one was probably too quick (19:31), the next one too slow(20:34), and the last one, like the bowl of porridge Goldilocks ate, was just right(19.50). Ray has finally found his Garmin watch, and once he's able to use it properly, it might be some benefit to him. He did manage to get it to measure our overall distance though, and he recons we ran 8.2 miles including the run down to the Castle and back.

The body is feeling good, and the anticipation for the 31st is growing. Everybody seems to be talking about the race, because if any of the members are not actually running in the race then they have some other job on the day. I heard a whisper that Mary Daly will be giving a pep talk to all the runners and volunteers next Thursday evening, but that's unconfirmed at the moment.

Ray and myself will be running 10k in Cloghan on Sunday. It'll be a challange for Bubbles to beat his time from last year as he was driving the lead car, but I'm sure he'll get more enjoyment from it this time. I'm not going to set any records on Sunday, I want to use the race to get ready for the following Sat. I'll be trying to pace myself through the miles, and see how my plan works out for eating breakfast at 10.30am, etc.

As I'm coming to the end of this beneficial and enjoyable 11 week experiment, I'm trying to decide if I should keep the blog going. Is it boring reading about how someone else is doing? or is it comforting to know that there's someone else struggling as well?  What do you think? I'd like to hear your comments, and if you've any suggestions in terms of topics I be better off covering then please leave a message below.

Until Sun, Slán.


  1. Ciaran, it has been great to read of your exploits over the last number of weeks, ye have been an inspiration to myself, and im sure many others..
    I am a little older than you and have started running due to both yourself and Ray, I hope to keep at it and complete a few more 5k's in the near future,
    I completed the charleville 5k recently having never run in my life, apart from football in my teens and 20's
    I hope you do find the time to continue with your blog and wish ye both the best of luck in the half marathon,

  2. Thanks Darren. Keep on going now, who knows what's ahead.