Thursday, 15 August 2013

Bring on The Canal Quarter Festival!!

It's nearly here. Friday night to be exact. There's a great line up planned for Tullamore's Canal Quarter Festival,( and the only tricky part will be trying to hide Bubbles, as he doesn't want to be spotted by John. We were talking about the great acts that will be playing there, with no cover charge, when Ray and myself remembered that perhaps it's not the best plan to be discussing our socialising in front of the coach, so I promised Ray I'd find him somewhere where he wouldn't be seen!

Back to the running though. I ran 8.6 miles in an average time of 10: 28 per mile, It was a little disappointing, but at least I clocked up another 90 minutes on my feet. Tonight was a tough run for me, I think we started a bit too fast and by the finish I had slowed considerably. There's a lesson to be learned there. On Tue we ran 1.6 miles less but with an average time of 10:04, and I felt I could probably have run another mile at that pace, so what's the difference? Well first of all, We didn't run as fast at the start, and secondly I was fresh, as I hadn't run since the previous Thursday.  I talked to some of the other runners in the Harriers after my run tonight, and they all said the same thing, that's running! some days you feel great, and then on another day, it just seems so hard. The way I'm going to look at it is that it's more miles clocked up, my injury seems to have completely cleared up, and I've only 6 more runs before the Half Marathon!

The plan is to do a long run over the weekend, followed by two 6 -8 miles next week, before we start tapering down in the final week. Ray and Myself are going to run the Cloghan 10k, on the Sunday before the Half Marathon, and then we'll have a short run on the Tue followed by a 30 min light jog on the Thursday. So until after the Canal Quarter Festival ends on Sun, Slán.

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