Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Another 7 miles clocked!

Well, with the missed post from Sunday, you might have guessed that I didn't run at the weekend. It feels like I'm skipping school when I miss a session, especially when the text comes from John asking how I did! This evening was a good run though, there was four of us (John, Ray, Robbie and myself), and we ran 7 miles in an average time of 10:04 per mile. I felt good the whole way around and well able to keep up with the slagging. You'd need to be in form, as there's no mercy, and if you can't give it, you'll just have to take loads of it. I think Ray and myself are fairly well matched on that one, as neither of us take things too seriously, which means nearly anything could be used, without anyone taking offence.

John had asked Ray and myself if we were available to go on Midlands 103 next Tue morning to give an update on our progress. That was enough to start Ray off on a story from our last visit to the radio station. I may as well fill you in, because I'm sure Bubbles will have a version of it on his blog (www.runbubbyrun.blogspot.ie). We had just finished our interview with Will Faulkner, and as we left the studio, we were talking to Sinead Hubble(The Producer). Clara Walsh (who interviewed us the first time) was walking towards us, and I thought she was going to join in the conversation, anyway Clara walked through the group towards me. I stood my ground looking at her, as she looked at me, a moments silence, and then Clara said "excuse me, I need to read the news". I didn't realise I'd been blocking the door, and was a little bit embarrassed, which wasn't helped by Bubbles, who poured scorn on me right away.

Anyway, back to the running. I've just looked back at some of my earlier posts, and I see it was the 30th June that I was so delighted with myself because I'd run 7 miles in an average time of 10:34 per mile.  So 44 days and 16 runs later, I've knocked off 30 seconds per mile, and felt good while doing it. When you consider that my training has been hampered by holidays and injury, you wont be surprised to hear that I'm delighted once more, and I'm trying hard not to set a target for myself for the half marathon. It will be my first time running that distance, and while I've obviously been thinking about what sort of time I might complete the race in, I don't want to set a bar for myself, as I'd be afraid of being disappointed if I didn't run as fast as I hoped. I'm really looking forward to the day, two and a half weeks away, and I could really do without having a sour puss on me after the race, because I know when it comes to me and sport, I'm not much good at hiding my disappointment ( Just ask my wife, what it's like to watch an Ireland or Leinster match with me!) I think my Sister, Catherine, and her husband are going to be home from Manchester that weekend, and of course, Hugo, my older brother is also running in the race, and then there's a night out planned in my younger brother's( Emmet) pub.  It's not often we all get together, and please God, that'll make the post race celebrations a little bit more special. So until the next training session, planned for Thursday, Sl├ín.

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