Sunday, 30 June 2013

Sunday Running

Woop! Woop! I just ran 7 miles without stopping at an average pace of 10.34 per mile.  Two weeks ago I wasn't able to run 1 mile at that pace without stopping.  It's a funny game this running crack. I was so pissed off with myself after Thursdays training, and when I looked over my blog again on Friday, I was thinking that perhaps I should let the dust settle before writing how I feel about a run, because by Friday I wasn't as negative about Thursdays torture. Then I thought, that if this blog is going to let people know how I'm finding the training, then writing as soon as possible after each run will probably be more accurate.

So, at the moment I'm delighted. This morning I set myself the goal of not stopping on todays' run. I thought I'd have to average around 11 min and 15 sec per mile to achieve that, and if that was what it took then so be it.  I put plasters on my nipples, and off I went. John suggested Vaseline, but I was afraid it would look like I was lactating, instead, by the end of the run the plasters could be seen through my wet Tshirt, and I looked like something from a Madonna video! oh well, you wouldn't want to be too vain when you start running.

There was a good turnout at the Harriers, and again a very friendly bunch, it doesn't seem to matter what level you're at, The crowd up there are always very welcoming ( it must be all the endorphin's from running, as a friend pointed out to me the other night.) We started at a comfortable pace, and I was surprised to discover that by 2 miles we were running at a 10.40 pace, my breathing wasn't laboured and I was feeling good. We continued in that fashion although when I found the going tough, I just slowed down. When we were about a mile from home, we were overtaken by some of the gang, who had gone on a longer run, and Ray kicked on with them. John stayed with me, and when we got to Charleville gate( about .5 mile from home) I knew I was going to finish without stopping, so I kicked on a bit and finished at a good pace. I was thoroughly out of breath when I finished, but I was delighted with myself.

That's two weeks of preparation so far, and by and large it's been a very positive experience. At the moment, the biggest piece of advice I would give to anybody starting off would be to join a club. The running will still be your own personal battle, but it helps hugely to be able to ask others for advice, and to know that you have to go at a certain time, because that's when the club trains. The one caveat I would put with that, is to not try and be as good as the good lads straight off, it could disheartening when you see lads and ladies running and barely seeming out of breath while you're struggling on the warm up. You've got to realise that it takes time to get good at anything and that if you stick at it, you'll get there in the end.

So that gives me the rest of the day off, I'm going to lie up and watch the golf, hopefully Shane Lowry will have a good day on his home course. Until Tue night, Slán.

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