Thursday, 20 June 2013

A Thursday night trundle

Well that's three nights in a row now. Another four miles clocked tonight, and It was a bit easier than Tuesday night. A lot less breaks, but the same red faced, sore legged, breathing hard, sweaty body at the end of it. Ah Progress, don't ya just love it!

The Peter English Annual race was on tonight, another example of how the Club remembers one of it's popular members. Peter used to run with the Harriers, but died in a car crash a number of years ago. They now hold a race every year in his name. There was a good turnout for the race, but John, Bubbles and myself headed off to Charleville for the usual run. We've set ourselves the target of competing in the Marian Geraghty 10k in Mountbolus on the 7th of July as our first race.  When I say "We", I mean John. I was thinking more of The Tullamore Harriers Charleville Forest 5k, on the 19th of July, as being our first race, But John's the Boss, and he reckons the Tullamore Harriers race will be a doddle after completing the Mountbolus run. There is an option of 5k, in the Mountbolus run, but that wasn't even entertained.  I'm only joking of course, I do hope to be able to run 10k by the 7th of July, and if I have to walk a bit of it, well so be it. At the end of training we got in for a photograph with some of the gang. I've also posted the picture of Ray, John and Myself, I'll let you work out who's who yourself, but suffice to say, one of us is fit, one sort of fit, and then Me.

After training I went up to the Rugby Club to referee a tag match between The Wolftrap and The Lions, A close game, which added another 40 minutes of running onto my total exercise count for the day.  It was good to see the amount of people up there enjoying themselves, as well as Members of the Executive, preparing for Saturday's event. The Rugby Club in association with The Tullamore Lions club are holding a fundraiser on Sat morning, before the First Test between Australia and The British and Irish Lions. There's breakfast, a free pint, and the game on all the screens, Tickets are €20, and I still have a few if anyone would like to go.

That means that Ray and Myself are going for our Weekend run on Sat before that. We're going to leave the Harriers at 9am, and head to Mucklagh bridge and back, 4 miles I think.  It'll be at a leisurely pace, as I want to try and do it without stopping at all. Anybody who wants to join us is more than welcome. Just Turn up at 9. Until then have a good weekend, and I'll put the next blog up on Sat, although a good performance by the Lions, may delay the posting of the next installment!

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