Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Goodbye Introduction, Hello phase 1!

Well there I was, looking forward to tonights' run all day, huh, boy have I a lot to learn.  The evening started well, One lap for a warm up and then off to Charleville, John, Ray and myself, all in good form chatting about the Rugby and the Hurling from the weekend, We did mention the celebrations afterwards, and in hindsight, this may have been an error.

Just to fill you in, last Tue we ran 4 lengths (from the Tree to the Castle gate, each about .75 mile) with plenty of stops, Wed we ran 3 lengths, slower, but with fewer stops, and then on Thur we ran another 4, a good bit faster and only stopping after each length. So imagine my Surprise and absolute Joy when John suggested we run 9 lengths, stopping after every 3!!  In the end we managed 3 then 2 and finished with 3, although I had to stop a few times on the last three.  By the time we got back to the Harriers we had run 6 miles in 63 minutes. That's a fair step up from last week, and my legs are sore again, but sure I suppose that's part of it.

Ray is a good bit fitter, and I definitely held him back tonight, We'll have to try and do something to balance that up. I can't be only one with a red face, buckets of sweat and snot, while he's just going through the motions. The rest of the Harriers were down there training as well, and I got to see first hand just how far I have to go, They were all going up and down the drive as if The Ghost from the Castle was after them at one end, and the Model from last week was waiting for them at the other end!

John gave us Tullamore Harriers Vests when we got back, and Ray wanted a picture for his blog (www.runbubbyrun.blogspot.ie) of John presenting them to us, I wonder will Ray want a picture of us presenting the money for them back to John on Thur?

When I got home, I had another ice bath, Margaret ( My Wife), Ambushed me and took a picture, when she heard the racket of me getting into the cold water. I've debated whether or not to post the picture, and decided I would, as I don't take myself too seriously, and I thought it might give someone a laugh.  Although, I do have to say in my own defence, that the water was very cold ( Therefore no offensive bits!)

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