Monday, 17 June 2013

First Day Of Commitment

So, as this is my first post, let me set the scene.  I'm a 38 year old Dad of two boys, weighing in at 17 and 1/2 Stone.  I used to be fit and played Rugby with my local club, Tullamore.  I finished training regularly about 6 years ago, (although I did play at the end of the last few seasons without actually training). I also took up refereeing rugby, but alas, so far I haven't put in the extra hours training necessary to increase my fitness, and I have been steadily getting heavier and finding it harder to do any exercise for a reasonable period of time.

Today I went on the local radio station (Midlands 103), and committed to running a half marathon organised by Tullamore Harriers on the 31st August.  The Harriers are running a project with another Salad Dodger and myself, to try and get us fit in the next 10 weeks to be able to complete the 13 miles.  Ray Bell is the other Lads name and while he's not fantastically fit, he's a good bit further down the road than I am, so I've a bit of catching up to do just to get to his level.  I've known Ray for a good while, and while I wouldn't claim to be close friends, he is a good laugh and I'm looking forward to training with him over the next few weeks.

So, What's the Goal? 
Well ideally I'd like to complete the race without stopping, although if I have to walk a bit, I will, but really I want to get into the habit of training regularly, competing in races, and maybe completing a Marathon in the next 12 - 18 months. Losing Weight would be a handy by product, but I do realise that I'd also have to alter my diet for this to happen.

I love playing football out the back with my two Sons, Frank (10) and Rory(8), but It's starting to get embarrassing when I've to go in Goal after 10 minutes, because I'm out of puff. I'm worried that if I'm like this at 38, what will I be like at 48?  I'd also like to take my refereeing further, but obviously to ref matches at higher grades, I need to increase my fitness and speed.

So what's the plan?
Well I'll be starting training tomorrow night, and then every Tue, Wed, Thur and a long run at the weekend.  I intend to keep a note here of how I'm getting on, how hard or easy I find the training, the diet and any races I run in.  I'm doing this so that anybody who's in a similar position to myself, and wants to give it a go, can see how I'm getting on, and compare their own progress to mine.  I'm sure it's not going to be easy and some days might seem harder than others, and that there'll be setbacks along the way, but if I keep the goal in mind, then hopefully I'll carry on, and in a years time, be leading a healthier life, refereeing at a higher standard and running rings around Frank and Rory on the soccer pitch outside.

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