Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Canal Run

OW, OW, OW, I don't know what part of me is not sore.  This was definitely the toughest training session  we've had to date.  We ran 10k along the canal bank, which is a lovely place for a walk, but I didn't enjoy running it. My legs were sore for most of the run, and then for the first time, I got nipple burn near the end. I've never experienced that before, but had heard about it, now I'll have to do something about it before the next run.

The one plus from this evening's run is that my breathing seems to be getting better, I wasn't as out of breath as much as before, but that may be due to the fact that we went at a slower pace than last Tue, due mainly to ground conditions.

The other big learning from this evening for me was the mental side of running. If I was on my own this evening I definitely would not have ran as far, I think I'd have done about half. It was a battle every step not to stop, and we did stop plenty of times. I worry about this, because when race day comes, I'll more than likely be running alone, or at the very least with someone who has their own goals for the race. I don't know what the answer is, I guess the first step is just to get fitter and stronger.

When I used to play rugby, and we had the hard training sessions, I never enjoyed them, but persevered because I didn't want to let my team mates down, or lose my place on the team, this time it's different, there are no team mates depending on me, and I'm not going to be dropped. My motivation has got to come from within, and not wither at the first sign of adversity. I know others might laugh at these thoughts, but I'm writing this blog as a warts and all diary of how I'm finding training, and these are the thoughts I'm having at the moment.

Anyway, trying to stay positive, I'm really looking forward to the weekends sport. Shane Lowry to do well in the Golf and the Lions to win the series on Sat. All that will hopefully set me up to have a good run on Sun Morning, and end the second week of my preparation feeling like I've progressed. Until then Slán.

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