Tuesday, 18 June 2013

First night's Training

The Gods were smiling on me today. What a beautiful evening to go for a run. If I couldn't run this evening, then I don't think I'd ever run again.  Anyway, I arrived up at the Harriers a bit early ( Wanted to put on a good show, don't ya know) and was met by Mary Daly and her friend (Sorry I forgot the name!) no time for hanging around and off we went on the Warm up.  I was going grand until the first bend, that was the end of conversation, Oxygen was too important to waste chatting, but I did enjoy listening to Mary and her friend .

We met the club captain Adrian Martin on the lap, and I was introduced, and he ran with us and had a good chat on the way around. ( again, I was saying very little) It felt like we had done five laps before Bubbles (Ray Bell, The other experiment) turned up, but it was actually only three, so we did another one, before gathering to hear the Captains plan for the evening.

The Brilliant Club Spirit was immediately evident as Adrian complemented the members who ran in different races over the weekend, before he introduced Ray and myself.  He also led a round of applause for the people who are organising the Tullamore Harriers Half Marathon in August. We were warmly welcomed by one and all, and many of the members made a special effort to wish us luck, offer advice or just slag us.  The great Catch Grennan came over with all his Tattoos,  to wish us well. He was running before I arrived at at 6.15pm and was still running when I left after 8pm, he's probably still running as I'm writing this. I can only dream of being that fit.

I was surprised by how many faces I knew up there and I wasn't at all disappointed when John O'Connell said he'd different plans for Ray and myself, and we were off to Charleville Forest while the rest of the group went into the Tartan Track for their session. Hopper Farrell AKA Peri Weepu, a good friend from the Rugby Club joined us along with Bernie Daly, and the five of us set off.  John set the rule, that we were going to go as fast as the slowest Man, (i.e me) and if my breathing was becoming too difficult we should walk. We let the other two Greyhounds off, as it wouldn't be doing them much good to be travelling at my pace, and we went along at what I thought was a fair clip for a beginner.  We ran for about 30 - 40 minutes, and covered over four miles, with plenty of stops and water breaks on the way.  John was brilliant, he gave us loads of advice on things like running style, diet, setting expectations and generally just encouragement.

Bubbles is definitely fitter than I am, but we're meeting again tomorrow to go for another run.  I had an ice bath when I got home as my legs are quite stiff already. I hope this will help to reduce the stiffness that I know is going to be there in the morning.

If you're still here, thanks for reading.  I'm going to keep posting a blog after every training session, so feel free to come back, although I don't expect them all to be as long as this one.  Also don't be afraid to leave a comment, I'd like to hear how others are getting on as well.  Until Tommorow, Slan.


  1. Best of luck!
    Lots of stretching and whatever you do, be consistent and persistent.

  2. Whats the betting your handicap in Eskers comes down as you get fitter. Best of luck lad