Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Backing it up

Just finished my second run, I found this one a lot tougher, my thighs were quite stiff from yesterday, and there was only Bubbles and myself.  I learned from yesterday, and did a much shorter warm up(1 lap as opposed to 4), and after stretching, I felt a good bit looser, and we headed off to Charleville.

We were only supposed to be doing a light run, to loosen up, but I set myself a challange - To do the same run as last night, but with far less stops. We got from the King Tree to the Gate of the Castle (about .75 mile), without stopping. Although I thought Bubbles was going to stop when he saw the stunner of a model in the trees posing for a photographer. I don't know if this was crafty motivation technique by the Harriers, but I'm sure we ran that little bit faster, and without blowing snot, as we passed by the photo shoot! Back to the running though, after a little break at the gates, we ran back to the King Tree without stopping, but I could feel blisters on my feet as we were coming to the end of that leg.  We took another break, and then on the way back down the track, the blisters were feeling worse. I asked Ray if he'd mind if we only went half way down and then turned back.  I felt like I was wimping out, and was bit annoyed with myself, but at the same time, I wanted to be able to run tomorrow without being in total agony.

When we got back to the Harriers, we met up with Pauline Curley, who was just starting her session with another group of beginners. We ran one lap with Pauline, and gave her an update on what we'd done last night and today. She gave out to us, and told us we should only have gone for a half hour run today to loosen  up instead of the hour we did in total. I think I like Pauline's style of coaching.  We also saw John, running at a proper pace, after babysitting us last night. It just proves again the efforts these people are putting in to train us. It gives me extra motivation just to be sure that I don't let them down.

I'd also like to mention Elverys for the help and advice they've given us regarding what running equipment we need. I bought a pair of proper running shorts in there today, as rugby shorts, fat legs, heat and no Vaseline led to some sore parts after yesterdays run, Than God for Canesten, the best cure I've come across for jock rash.  I also have to say a big thank you to Kate Sheehan from Footbalance ( who sponsored a pair of insoles for Ray and myself. They were custom fitted in Elverys, and straight away I felt the extra support they gave me.

Just before I finish this post, Ray is also writing a blog about our training, although he's coming at it from a slightly different angle, he'll be talking to different people to get more advice on nutrition, injury prevention and things like that. Check his blog out on Until tomorrow, Slan.

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